Modern Contemporary Ranch

Situated at the end of a private cul-de-sac, the homeowners of this beautiful Encinitas moderate contemporary ranch wanted to create a private refuge in both their front and backyards.  For the front yard, in order to capture the beauty of the Pacific Ocean located just a stone’s throw away, the team at TeamG7 designed and built a front-yard oasis that fused both indoor and outdoor living.
By removing the middle column of their home, installing bi-fold doors, and matching both the interior and exterior floors together, Glenn and Zena. would now be able to walk out of their living room and enjoy unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean while enjoying amenities such as patio seating and a relaxing waterfall that provided pleasing ambiance and aesthetics to the space.
In the backyard, TeamG7 had to create a private entertainment getaway that could serve a multitude of purposes from gatherings with friends and families to entertaining clients, all while avoiding the eyes of the neighbors located in the hills above.
The solution was the creation of a space that could cater to the needs throughout the entire day. In the afternoon guests could mingle in the outdoor living room before dining at the large modern table where they would enjoy the sounds of cascading water from the contemporary quartzite water wall feature.
In the evening, LED lights would help to accent the reflection of the water wall feature, while the curved firepit helped to provide warmth and a much-needed gathering space. A simple modern patio structure was designed and constructed to block the looming neighbors right above, and contained 4 commercial heaters which could be turned on to keep everyone comfortable throughout the evening!