Mediterranean Inspired Home

In Dave and Lori’s Mediterranean Inspired Encinitas home nestled at the end of a private cul-de-sac, the garage dominated the front yard and hid our client’s front entrance. To distract the eye from the garage doors, we designed a curved earth-tone quartzite natural stone path which was cut and laid into the existing straight-line driveway. Every plant and tree was chosen and positioned to direct the eye to the entryway. The specimen multi-trunk olive tree also provided privacy for one of the main rooms that was positioned behind the olive tree. To create additional depth, two matching wood overhang accents adjacent to the entryway’s wood overhead further complimented the entryway and the house’s architecture.

 Because this couple wanted to create a space to host a constant stream of family and friends, the design allowed for numerous spaces to accommodate all of their needs.  There is a custom-built fireplace, an extensive barbecue with a full bar counter area, bi-fold doors which open to a large covered patio which is the main dining area, and a naturally designed spa with unique “floating” steppers which crosses from the kid’s turf area to the client’s private citrus & fruit grove that the owner lovingly tends to. The spa has custom-designed height-adjusted seats for the husband and wife so that they could enjoy a full view of their backyard while relaxing.  The unique LED multi-colored lights for this spa further help to create the perfect evening of enjoyment.