We are carefully conducting business during this Covid-19 pandemic. We can visit you in your home or gardens at a safe distance. We are able to present design plans and budgets by online virtual application.

Plant Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions. This will help come up with a landscape plan that will functionally meet your needs & reflect your taste. Have FUN with this part! Check as many items that are appropriate.

Types of foliage:

  1. What is the most important to each of you as relates to plants?
  2. Is it important to you that your plant style fits the style of your house?


  3. Do you have a specific theme in mind for your planting? If so, what is it?

    Example themes: (Please, check as many as you want)

  4. What does this theme mean to you?
  5. Do you have any allergies to any plants or to bees?
  6. Land of origin:
    We are:

    Where are you from?

  7. Maintenance:
  8. We would like:

Our joint purpose is to design and build a space where YOU feel comfortable and at home!