We are carefully conducting business during this Covid-19 pandemic. We can visit you in your home or gardens at a safe distance. We are able to present design plans and budgets by online virtual application.


Why should we use teamG7 for both the design and build of our project, instead of using two separate firms?

There are three primary reasons to use teamG7 as your turnkey landscaping solution. One, you benefit from having just one point of communication. Two, the “buck” stops with us, so you don’t have accountability problems that can arise with multiple firms. Three, we are already aware of the heartbeat that went into your design and can ensure it is accurately reflected in your finished results.

What takes place during the initial appointment, and is there a charge for this meeting?

Our initial visit will focus on asking and answering each other’s questions. We will want to know your landscaping ideas, needs, and desires. We will show you some of our previous projects, and offer a few creative ideas for your property. We will then describe what the next steps will be if we decide to work together. And, there is no fee for this meeting.

What does the design phase consist of?

The most critical part of any project is the development of our relationship with you. It is critical that we really get to know you and work together to find which creative ideas will produce your masterpiece landscape. This process takes time, may include multiple steps, ultimately results in a final plan and always works!

Does teamG7 charge for the design phase?

Yes, but only after we discover whether we are a fit. If we both decide to move forward, you will be assessed a design fee that reflects the complexity of the project.

Can we use teamG7 for just the design phase, and use another firm for the build phase?

Yes. At teamG7, we take great pride in our process and ability to help clients discover a masterpiece landscape design that reflects their heartfelt desires. We grow our company by satisfying clients with a complete, satisfying landscape solution.

How does teamG7 pricing compare with other firms?

We do not believe other firms are able to offer what we provide, so it is difficult to answer this question. We can say we are not the most expensive option, nor are we the least expensive, but we believe we do offer the greatest value.

Do you specialize in residential or commercial?

We only provide residential landscape design services and construction. We find it satisfying to use our creativity to help clients create masterpiece solutions through what is a very personal experience. Commercial landscape design requires less personalization, and it is, therefore, less satisfying.

How does teamG7 manage the day-to-day building of your project?

From the beginning through completion, our management team oversees every last detail and ensures your satisfaction with the process as well as the outcome. We will make sure your property is clean and organized at the end of each workday, plus we stay in consistent communication with you so you always know where we stand in upholding our commitment to completing your project on time.

What size properties does teamG7 work with?

We work with small landscape areas and large ones. Our criteria is not size, but the level of need for creativity and uniqueness. We use the initial interview process to help us discover whether we’re a good fit.

Does teamG7 handle upgrades to existing landscapes?

Upgrades to existing landscapes are one of our specialties and something we really enjoy. It often takes exceptional creativity to transform an existing landscape, or just a portion of it, into the dreamscape you are hoping for.