We are carefully conducting business during this Covid-19 pandemic. We can visit you in your home or gardens at a safe distance. We are able to present design plans and budgets by online virtual application.


    teamG7 provides a premium service. You can probably get less expensive providers to do exactly what you tell them to do — the problem is that we didn’t know what we should ask for. Many neighbors simply don’t care about creative design and that’s OK — it’s just not what we wanted. We have seen examples where homeowners have clearly spent a lot of money on expensive materials, but the overall result was underwhelming. For us, the cost of a landscape project is not about material costs as the design. Using an art analogy — you can’t judge the value of a painting by the cost of the paint. It’s not the paint — it’s the skill of the artist applying the paint. teamG7‘s landscape project will increase the value of our house while we enjoy using it for years to come.
    — Bill and Suzanne Fischer, Robertson Ranch, Carlsbad
    Landscape design example in San Diego

    The design team helped me discover the reasons why I was doing what I wanted to do than I could have possibly uncovered on my own. Their collaborative process is unique and was very effective at discerning the right elements at the right budget. My ‘garden’ with all its amenities is a direct reflection of who I am, and I love it!
    — Lynne, Rancho Santa Fe