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Find Beauty through a World Class Experience with TeamG7.

Since 1969, Philip Lizarraga, TeamG7’s Creative & Managing Team Leader, has been providing creative landscape design solutions to discerning clients in Hawaii and Southern California. In 2010, he launched TeamG7 to carry on his tradition of excellence in the San Diego area. Philip has assembled a very talented team of landscape designers and construction craftsmen, many of whom have worked with him and TeamG7 for more than 35 years.

Company Information

TeamG7 Mission Statement

The mission of TeamG7 is to create masterpiece landscapes, with vision and foresight, that reflect the heartbeat of our clients.

Our Core Values

At TeamG7, our landscape design-build work revolves around our five core values:

Honor God. We seek to apply God’s standards of right and wrong in everything we do — professionally and personally.

Honor and Serve Our Clients. We are committed to treating our clients with the utmost integrity, honesty, and respect — by listening to learn their needs and desires; working hard to ensure excellent, on-time results; and exceeding their expectations.

Honor and Serve Our Internal Team. We view our internal staff as family and the primary reason for our success — so we’re committed to providing our team with an opportunity to grow, compensating them fairly, and treating them with loving respect.

Honor and Serve Our External Team. We view our long-term relationships with subcontractors and vendors as critical to our ability to provide masterpiece landscapes to our clients — so we will always treat them honestly and respectfully.

Be Thankful. We recognize that our clients entrust us with the privilege of serving them; our staff and affiliates lock arms with us to provide excellence to our clients; and God has given us life, love, talents, and opportunity — and for all of this, we are profoundly thankful.

“Building trust with clients is just as important as building their project. Developing a relationship that will stand the test of time does not happen overnight.”


—David Heiliger